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Soul of Eternity

Temple of the mind

22 February
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Name: Layne (pronounced as line as in straight line, blank line, telephone line)

Nicknames: (you might be more familiar with these names) Youji-kun/ Yo-tan to Weiss,
Ice, Trinity-bot, Cassia to schoolmates,
Leila to workmates
Aya-kun, Lisseth Crimson to WAA peeps

Age: 21

Location: Pasig City


-tall, dark (burned under the summer sun for too much swimming), slim
-long straight black hair turned short, really short red hair and finally turned shoulder length black hair with still some remnants of coffee brown highlights
-addicted to clothes especially coats, leather and fur
-has weird fashion sense ( I like it, if you don't, your problem, not mine)
-major mood swings ( can be uberly genki one minute and apathetic the next and can seem friendly or a snobbish bitch... I'm both but go ahead and talk to me, I don't bite... most of the time.)

I am accountable to no one but myself. My actions and reactions are based solely on how I think and feel. My motives are simple. Some things are what they seem. The rest are not. Don't look beyond. Look within to unveil the truth.
I trust no one but myself. Some lessons are learned the hard way. Betray me once, shame on you. Betray me twice, shame on me.
I live to one day die. Am I excited? Sure. Am I suicidal? Definitely no. I take one adventure at a time. Life still has a lot in store for me. Death will come in time. No need to rush. After all, nothing will change if I die. But there are somethings I can only discover if I go on living.
In one way or another, I cherish every single person I've met and known, friend or foe or merely a passing stranger, and all the memories I've woven with them. Every event, every place I've been to, every single experience I've had, will forever be carved in my heart. I am who I am because of all of these. And though I may be far from perfect ( even distateful to others), I love who I am and I woldn't have myself any other way.